Say Yes to State Funded Abortions in MA


Massachusetts is one of 17 states that fund abortion with taxpayer dollars, and some Bay Staters are pissed off about that.

It’s OK to Take a Vacation From Parenting

Parenting is by far the most demanding and undervalued job on the planet. Moms and dads act as personal chefs, housekeepers, chauffeurs, psychologists, nurses, crisis negotiators, tutors, and more. A recent survey found that the average stay-at-home-mom's annual base salary would be $48,509 for the normal 40 hour work week, plus an additional $94,593 in overtime, …

The Dark Side of Personal Branding

I stumbled upon a post the other day called On Anonymous Blogging, in which the author reminisces about what blogging was like prior to the days of personal branding. We're going back to the dark ages here -- a time when MySpace was bigger than Facebook, LiveJournal was still popular, and dial-up internet access forced you …