Pumpkin Picking at Boston Hill Farm, North Andover, MA

I have this childhood memory of being pulled in a little red wagon through a large pumpkin patch with row after row after row of pumpkins. I remember deep orange colors and plump pumpkins. Boston Hill Farm did not live up to my pumpkin picking memories, but it did surpass my expectations in other ways.

Ranking for Boston Hill Farm, North Andover, MA

Pumpkin picking 3
Fun for All Ages 5
Cleanliness 10
Bathrooms 7
Easy access to food, drink, and sunscreen 7
Worth every penny? 8
Would we go again? 6
Total score 46 out of 70

Boston Hill Farm features…

  • Pick your own…strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, peaches, apples, and pumpkins
  • Farm animals
  • Playground
  • Games and bouncy house
  • BBQ

What’s not to love at Boston Hill Farm, North Andover, MA

Sadly, the pumpkin picking

This is not Charlie Brown’s pumpkin patch, my friends. You will most definitely not be gleefully pulling any little red wagons over this turf.

I called the day before we went to see if the farm had pumpkin picking. They said, “Yes. There are a lot of weeds in the field right now, but we still have plenty of pumpkins out there.”


Well, if you’ve never been pumpkin picking before (or if your childhood memories of this past-time are wildly inaccurate) then you might not know that “lots of weeds” in a pumpkin field basically means you’re walking on a floor of intertwined sunflower stems, like trying to walk on the cargo net in gym class in high school.

We turned over pumpkin after pumpkin, only to find the other side rotten or smashed. The few good pumpkins we did find were all fairly small. We tried to go further inside the patch, but there were so many weeds that my almost 4-year-old could barely walk and we had to turn back.

A friend showing my son that we finally found a good looking pumpkin!

We saw two other couples in the pumpkin patch having the same trouble. We left the patch with one small pumpkin and then we bought a medium sized pumpkin at the farm stand. The other families that we saw in the patch also ended up buying their pumpkins at the farm stand, where the farm had a beautiful selection to choose from.

Keep reading, though, because there’s a lot to love about Boston Hill Farm!

What’s to love at Boston Hill Farm, North Andover, MA

The memories

We made a day of this, and it made for a great memory. We had a terrible time pumpkin picking but had a great time at Boston Hill Farm. We took our pumpkins home, carved them up, toasted the pumpkin seeds, and ate them. BOOM – fond childhood memory achieved for my kiddo. The pumpkins rotten and had to be thrown out within a week, but it didn’t matter. Making the memory was the goal.

My son asked for an “angry face” jack-o-lantern. This was the best I could do!

The farm stand

There’s a lot to love about Boston Hill Farm, like the indoor farm stand with a sandwich deli at the back. The farm stand also has a men’s and women’s bathroom, but there are no changing tables in them.

Entrance to the farm stand


On the side of the farm stand, they were grilling up some BBQ. I had the ribs, which were cooked perfectly. They were even kind enough to go look at the bottle of BBQ sauce to make sure it was gluten free. There was also outdoor picnic seating and some live bluegrass music going on, too.



The games, playground, petting zoo

There are some small farm games (milk the cow, etc.) and a bouncy house near the parking lot. As you continue down the trail that leads to the picking fields, you will come across an unexpectedly adorable playground made of wooden structures and a petting zoo with chickens, sheep, and rabbits.

A sheep near the playground area




The scenery

There are some beautiful areas of the farm. I would love to go back at peak leaf-changing season to see the threes there. My son loved the pond full of ducks that parallels the road as you walk to the picking fields.



Would we go back?

Being loyal to my childhood memories, I refuse to believe that this is how all pumpkin patches are and will never go back there for pumpkin picking. But, I liked the other parts so much that I will go back and give apple picking a chance there. It’s a 45-minute drive, so it needs to be worth it.

Pro Tip

Wear sneakers or hiking boots and bring hand sanitizer.

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This post was inspired by today’s daily prompt: Loyal

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