Clusterf*ck at the Clustertruck Food Festival, Worcester, MA

This was my first food truck festival. I learned one very important lesson: Research the food trucks before you go. Know which ones you want to go to. Otherwise, you risk leaving the festival feeling like you missed out on a few good opportunities to try new things because you got overwhelmed with all of the decision-making or couldn’t read the menus through the masses of people gathered around the trucks.

Ranking for Clustertruck Food Festival, Worcester, MA

Cleanliness 9
Bathrooms 7
Worth every penny? 6
Would we go again? 6
Total score 28 out of 40
Gluten free friendly? Yes
Kid friendly? Yes
Changing table in women’s room? N/A
Changing table in men’s room? N/A

Review of Clustertruck Food Festival, Worcester, MA

The Clustertruck Food Festival was held at the EcoTarium in Worcester, MA on Saturday, September 23, 2017. The food trucks were as expected. It was the organizers and promoters of the event that caused the logistical clusterf*ck.

Clusterf*ck #1

The Facebook invitation originally advertised that the event would be held from 2:00 – 7:00 p.m. At some point, they added verbiage to the event title clarifying that the event would actually be held from 5:00 – 10:00 p.m. If you’re like me and never double check an event after you’ve marked yourself as “going” then you would never have noticed the updated start time since the organizers didn’t actually change the time on the invitation.


Clusterf*ck #2

The Clustertruck website implies that, while the indoor EcoTarium exhibits would be closed, the outdoor exhibits would be open. This is one of the main reasons we decided to attend the Clustertruck Food Festival, so we were disappointed when the EcoTarium staff informed us that the organizers of the event advertised that the outdoor exhibits would be open without checking with the EcoTarium first and that none of them were actually open.


Clusterf*ck #3

The organizers also advertised that there would be bouncy houses for children to enjoy. We arrived promptly at 5:00 and did see a bouncy house rental truck on the premises. However, the truck left a little while later and no bouncy houses were ever set up.

Was there anything that didn’t get clusterf*cked?

Yes! There are actually plenty of good things to say about the Clustertruck Food Festival at the EcoTarium in Worcester, MA. The vendors, food trucks, and price of admission were as-advertised. There was a large tented area with plenty of picnic-table seating. The live music by Doctor Robert was also located under the tented area. The music was good but also quite loud. Luckily, there was ample grassy space to sit and eat for those of us with kiddos who prefer something a little less amplified. Once outside of the tent, the kids loved dancing to the music and tossing around the glow-stick bracelets that they got from one of the vendors. There were also a large number of porta-potties, which were as clean as a porta-potty can be and had a small hand-washing station located nearby.

My favorite thing about the Clustertruck Food Festival is that most of the food truck prices were reasonable so you could try several different things without breaking the bank. For less than $15 I was able to get 3 different types of gluten free sliders, a bacon-wrapped carrot, 2 gluten free whoopie pies, and a bottle of water.

If you wanted to pamper yourself at the festival, you could purchase a VIP ticket, which included two beer and wine tickets, access to the VIP area with a private bar, candlelit picnic tables, and bathrooms.

What food trucks were at Clustertruck Food Festival, Worcester, MA

* indicates that I found gluten free items at that food truck. There may also be gluten free items at trucks that do not have an asterisk next to them, as I was not able to visit or see the menu at all of the food trucks.

Homegrown & Co farm to table cooking


Big Ts BBQ


Press N It Pressed Sandwiches


Sabor Latino Taste of Brazil


Say Cheese Grilled Cheeses


Buen Provencho Taste of Puerto Rico


Off The Hook Seafood Eatery


Pangeas Cuisine paleo pure protein and GF dishes*


The Whoopie Pie Wagon*


Clyde’s Cupcakes*


Chicken On The Road Fried Chicken


Mike’s Backyard BBQ Treats and Lemonade


Moosey’s Muddy Brook Cafe


Hot Oven Cookies


Cape Cod Cannoli


All Purpose Bakery/GF Hot Dogs*


Gyro and Kebab House

Was at the Clustertruck Food Festival but I didn’t get a photo of it.

Traveling Bones BBQ

Was scheduled to be at the Clustertruck Food Festival, but either wasn’t there or I didn’t see it.

Makin Jamaican Jerk Chicken and Rice

Was scheduled to be at the Clustertruck Food Festival, but either wasn’t there or I didn’t see it.

Soop Doggs Hot Dogs

Was scheduled to be at the Clustertruck Food Festival, but either wasn’t there or I didn’t see it.

Aaron’s Taco Cartel

Was scheduled to be at the Clustertruck Food Festival, but either wasn’t there or I didn’t see it.

Paturno’s Italian

Was scheduled to be at the Clustertruck Food Festival, but either wasn’t there or I didn’t see it.

What if you’re gluten free?

Several of the trucks had gluten free options. Of course, there’s always the question of cross-contamination with such a small food-prep area, so there is some level of risk unless the food truck only offers gluten free items.

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This post was inspired by today’s daily prompt: Pamper

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