Review of Frank Anthony’s Gourmet Market, Boston, MA

This tiny gourmet market is extraordinarily popular amongst those who work in the Boston Seaport area. Frank Anthony’s looks like an upscale version of any corner market when you walk in. As you look around for the first time, you’ll notice the little differences that make this a market worthy of the word ‘gourmet’. Instead of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, they have Justin’s Organic Peanut Butter Cups. Instead of scratch tickets near the cash register, you’ll find containers of fresh berries and snack-sized cups of carrots and hummus. If you’re there around lunch time, you’ll also notice 2 incredibly long lines stretching from the back of the store to the front. Those long lines are why you’re here – they are what stands between you and a delicious gourmet sandwich to fill your rumbling tummy.

Ranking for Frank Anthony’s Gourmet Market, Boston, MA

Quality ingredients 8
Cleanliness 10
Friendliness of staff 9
Speed of service 9
Bathrooms 0
Worth every penny? 8
Total score 44 out of 60
Gluten free friendly? Yes
Kid friendly? N/A
Changing table in women’s room? N/A
Changing table in men’s room? N/A

My Experience at Frank Anthony’s Gourmet Market, Boston, MA

Frank Anthony’s is located at 9 Fan Pier Boulevard, Boston, MA. I get lunch there 6 or 7 times a month. If you go after 11:45 the line for their sandwiches is usually already really long, and line for the salads will be rapidly growing, too.

Since I commute to work on public transit, the convenience of grabbing a few essential grocery items at Frank Anthony’s is crucial. I can grab fresh strawberries, blue corn tortilla chips, pistachios, chocolate, and a bottle of wine without having to make a special trip to the grocery store.


What’s Yummy at Frank Anthony’s Gourmet Market?

Prosciutto & fresh mozzarella sandwich

Prosciutto & fresh mozzarella sandwich on gluten free bread

Turkey club sandwich

The double-decker gluten free turkey club. When you order the turkey club they will ask if you want 2 or 3 slices of bread. You pay the same price regardless of your choice, so you might as well order the mighty double-decker!

Taco salad

The taco salad consists of chopped romaine, roasted corn, black beans, avocado, tomatoes, crumbled queso cheese, and vinaigrette dressing. I order it without the cheese.

California wrap

Normally prepared as a sandwich, I prefer the California on a gluten free wrap. Inside you’ll find grilled chicken with mixed greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, avocado and chipotle mayo.

What’s not yummy at Frank Anthony’s?

The kale. The best way to prepare kale is to strip both sides of the leaf vertically down the stem, throw the stem away, and then hand-tear the kale leaves. You throw the stem away because it is often hard, dense, and generally difficult to chew. I don’t know if Frank Anthony’s hand-tears the kale or not, but I do know that they leave the stem in, making each bite of kale a little less desirable than the last bite.

What if you’re gluten free?

If you’re sensitive to cross-contamination, don’t eat at Frank Anthony’s. If you can tolerate a tiny bit of cross-contamination, then Frank Anthony’s is for you! They have gluten free bread and gluten free wraps for their sandwiches. To reduce the risk of cross-contamination, you can ask that they refrain from toasting the bread or slicing the sandwich.

The staff is not very knowledgeable about which salad dressings contain gluten, but when I asked to read the ingredients on the bottle in the middle of the lunch hour rush, they were happy to oblige and to help me find an alternate dressing when I wasn’t comfortable eating the one that normally comes with the salad I had ordered.

How about the bathrooms?

Despite the outdoor seating at Frank Anthony’s, it is meant to be a grab-and-go place. As such, there are no bathrooms. If you really need to use a restroom, you’ll need to go to the lobby of the Vertex building or of One Marina Park Drive and ask the security desk if you can use the lobby bathroom.

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