Review of Legal Harborside, Boston, MA

If you have a penchant for seafood but are opposed to eating at chain restaurants, you need to get it over it and head to a Legal Sea Foods near you for upmarket seafood, steak, and drinks. If you’re in the Boston seaport district then you can head over to Legal Harborside at 270 Northern Ave, Boston. The prices are absolutely fair for the quality of the food and the well-trained staff.

Ranking for Legal Harborside, Boston, MA

Quality ingredients 8
Cleanliness 10
Friendliness of staff 9
Speed of service 9
Bathrooms 9
Worth every penny? 7
Total score 52 out of 60
Gluten free friendly? Yes
Kid friendly? Yes*
Changing table in women’s room? Yes
Changing table in men’s room? No

Our Experience at Legal Harborside, Boston, MA

There are 3 floors and I’ve heard the enclosed rooftop bar is amazing. The line for that bar is usually wrapped out the door and around the corner, so allow lots of time if that is your plan. We settled for a first-floor bar table by the windows because all of the waterfront tables were taken.

Waterfront tables on the 1st floor of Legal Harborside

The service was spectacular. My favorite thing about any Legal Sea Foods is that it is one of the few restaurants where I can get gluten free fried food with confidence that there won’t be cross-contamination. The staff is very well trained in handling food allergies. Our server also accommodated my high-maintenance request that they stick my son’s food in the fridge for a few minutes because he complained that it was too hot. This restaurant has a kid’s menu and is very kid friendly if your kids are well behaved.

What’s Yummy at Legal Harborside, Boston, MA

Crispy Fried Shrimp

Gluten free crispy fried shrimp with fries and coleslaw

Fish and Chips

Kid’s gluten free fish and chips with fries and corn

Gluten free dinner rolls

Gluten free dinner rolls!!  ***nom nom nom***

What if you’re gluten free?

Gluten free? No problem at Legal Seafoods! In fact, they have one of the largest gluten free menus I have seen. It is one of the few restaurants with the gluten free trifecta – GF dinner rolls, a dedicated fryer, and GF dessert options.

How about the bathrooms?

The bathrooms are OK. They are very clean, but dimly lit and a bit on the cramped side.

Pro Tips

Pro tip 1: Make a reservation at least 1 day before you plan on eating there.

Pro tip 2: Go for a walk along the harbor after dinner to see the city lights sparkle.

The Boston city lights sparkling over the water

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