Review of MM.LaFleur – A Clothing Brand that Pays Homage to the Female Power Professional

MM.LaFleur is a clothing experience designed for women who have better things to do than shop for work wear or fret about selecting the perfect outfit every morning. Their customers come in all shapes and sizes and seek clothing that says listen to me not look at me.

My work style can best be described as upscale business casual. Other MM customers describe themselves in a variety of ways, from mom-bod to elegantly formidable. I’m not sure I’ll ever be formidable, and I’m certainly not a power-professional, but working in the male-dominated tech industry means I definitely need a style that says listen to me not look at me. MM.LaFleur helps me achieve that.

Before we get started, you should know that this is my unsolicited opinion and I was in no way compensated for writing this review.

Ranking for MM.LaFleur

Style 9
Comfort 9
Durability 10
Consistent sizing across colors and styles 8
Responsive customer service 10
Worth every penny? 8
Total score 54 out of 60

Service options at MM.LaFleur

MM.LaFleur offers 3 service options: You can shop their clothing on your own through the MM website, use their bento box service, or visit their pop-up store in Boston from April – December 2017.

MM.LaFleur bento box service

Unlike many bento box services, there is no styling fee and it is not subscription-based. If you use the bento box service, put as much detail as possible into answering the questions they ask you on the bento form so that your stylist can send you options that you will actually like. For example, if you only want items that are machine washable, write Please only send me items that are machine washable instead of I prefer items that are machine washable. You will have 4 days to try on your bento box items before you need to make a final decision about what you will keep and what you will return. Shipping and returns are both free.

MM.LaFleur self-service shopping

If you choose to shop MM.LaFleur on your own, you will still get free shipping and free returns. You will also have 21 days to figure out what you want to keep and what you want to return.

Pop-up store

I have not been to the pop-up store, so I can’t help out much in this aspect – sorry!

Sizing at MM.LaFleur

I am 5’2″ and my weight tends to fluctuate between 108 – 115 pounds. I usually wear a 0P in their pants and skirts and a 0 or XS in their tops. If you’re thinking about investing in some MM.LaFleur clothing (and it is an investment at this price point) and are struggling to figure out the best size for you, I’m sure you can just email your measurements to their customer service department and they can tell you the best size. The customer service at MM is phenomenal.

MM.LaFleur Colvin Top and Noho Skirt

This top is perfect for when you’re not feeling up to par, but need to look your best. The galaxy blue color pairs well with my pasty complexion and doesn’t make me look as washed out as black would. There is a zipper in the back that unzips almost all the way down, making this fitted shirt easier to get on and off than most similarly fitted shirts. The conservative V neck line is appreciated in a male-dominated work place. I love wearing it untucked with pants but found it necessary to tuck it in with this skirt.

The downside? It’s dry clean only and deodorant loves to leave its mark on the ponte fabric. That being said, I have machine washed it on gentle a couple of times and it held up just fine.

The price point comes in at $165. In general, the price point for MM.LaFleur tops is too high in my opinion, but this top costs even more than most of their shirts. Normally I would not pay this much for a top, especially one that is dry clean only, but the style and comfort level were just too good to pass up. The quality construction of the shirt means I expect this top to be toddler proof and to have it for years. My rule is that if I spend more than $50 on an item of clothing then it must go with at least 3 other things in my wardrobe, and this versatile top exceeds that minimum requirement.

This top and skirt came as part of an MM.LaFleur bento box order. Their stylists sure do have me pegged!

MM.LaFleur Noho Skirt in Crackle

This skirt came as part of the same bento box order mentioned above. I don’t normally use the MM bento box service, but I was overwhelmed by the skirt options and needed one of their stylists to help me overcome my analysis paralysis and decision fatigue. I’m pretty sure the stylist selected it because I own several solid color tops from MM and could use a bit of pattern in my wardrobe to punch it up. This skirt certainly accomplishes that, and is comfortable, too. The fabric is thick enough that you don’t notice any shirt lines under it if you decide to wear your top tucked in. It has just the right amount of stretch to make your rear end look good (instead of lumpy, which is a problem I have had with some skirts of similar style) and to allow for ease of movement when getting in and out of the car or wrestling with a toddler who doesn’t want to brush his teeth.

The downside? The skirt rides up a bit when I walk around a lot. This is a problem that I have with almost every skirt. I think it’s because my hips are 10 inches larger than my waist, which is a bigger difference than I see on most measuring charts. However, the skirt only rides up when I don’t wear the shirt tucked in. Once I tucked the shirt in the problem was solved and I was able to go about my day with confidence.

The price point is $165. I have no problem paying this amount for this skirt, which I consider an all season skirt as it will look good with a long sleeve top and opaque black tights in the winter.

MM.LaFleur Didion 3.0 Top – Plein Air in Birch


This is my favorite spring/summer top. It is comfortable and can easily be dressed up or down. I wear it to work as often as I wear it on the weekends. On the MM website it looks white, but in person the color is true to its name – birch. You definitely need a long pendant necklace to break up the wall of solid color, though.

The downside? MM advertises that you can machine wash this top in cold water, hang it to dry, and the wrinkles will disappear overnight. This is definitely not the case. I always find the shirt to be wrinkly after it dries and have to steam it before wearing.

The price point is $145. As I said earlier, I think MM tops are generally overpriced. However, I wear this top at least once a week, so it was worth the investment. I love that I can wear it on bloated days and no one can tell what’s going under the fabric, but I still look classy and chic if I pair it with slim fitting pants.

MM.LaFleur Nisa Dress in Deep Indigo

Photo credit: Louis Abate

It has pockets! I could leave my review of this dress at that, and it would be enough, but I do have more to say about it than that. The neck line is amazing. It is super comfortable. It comes with the belt so you don’t have to spend forever trying to pick out the perfect skinny belt.

The downside? Because of the way the sleeves fall and the thickness of the fabric, you can see the sleeve lines underneath a cardigan. If this bothers you, you’ll need to wear a blazer over it instead of a cardigan (even a knit blazer will do). Also, from the side view, the bottom of the zipper in the back sticks out a bit, which is unflattering on the rump. Lastly, and again from the side view, the stomach area can look a little pouchy in this dress if your posture isn’t perfect.

The price point is $195. Would I buy it again? No. Do I regret buying this one? Nope.

MM.LaFleur Didion 3.0 Top in Monsoon


All the same feedback as the Didion 3.0 Top – Plein Air in Birch, even though the fabrics are dramatically different. I love it and would buy it again and again, even though I feel it is over priced. I wear it at least once a week!

MM.LaFleur Foster Pant and Didion 3.0 Top


The MM Foster pant is truly the best work pant I have ever owned, and for $195 a pair they better be. The Foster pant has a side zip, no waistband (which means no muffin top), and no pockets. They have a lot of stretch to them, which means you’ll be just as comfortable sitting at your desk all day as you will be sitting criss-cross-apple-sauce while reading a story to a group of kids at daycare. The Foster pant has a special feature…a button hole on the inside of the bottom hem. You can fold the pant leg up underneath and fasten it to the buttons on the inside seam of the leg, which are located about halfway up the shin. This turns your full-length pant into a crop pant for those hot summer days. Well, that’s how it’s supposed to work if you’re a person of normal height. At 5’2″, I have to wear them at the short length all the time just for them to fit me like a regular pant.

The downside? The crop function on this pant only works if you’re a person of average height. At 5’2″, I have to wear them at the cropped length all the time just for them to fit me like a regular pant. If that’s the only issue with these pants then we’re doing OK!

MM.LaFleur Didion 3.0 in Inkwash

The Didion 3.0 in Inkwash is one of only 2 pieces that I have found to live up to MM’s claim that the item can be machine washed on gentle and the wrinkles will come out as it hang-dries overnight. There is no downside here and it is hands-down my all-time favorite top.

MM.LaFleur Blixen Top in Black


The Blixen top is described on the MM website as body-con, meet figure-friendly. I usually find that body-con clothing sucks me in so much that I feel claustrophobic in it. Not so with the Blixen top! This top always makes me look great, even after a big business lunch. It is also machine washable and is the second item that I have found to live up to the “wrinkles will fall out as it hang-dries” claim. MM also makes a long-sleeve version of this shirt called the Fey top.

The downside? The fabric is a magnet for deodorant marks. This isn’t a terrible downside considering that deodorant marks can be easily removed with a dryer sheet.

MM.LaFleur Emily Dress and Woolf Jardigan

In full disclosure, I did have this dress hemmed 3 inches.

The Emily dress is my favorite MM dress and not just because it has pockets. At $145, it is on the lower side of the MM price range. The sleeves hit just above the elbow on me (but keep in mind that I have teeny-tiny T-Rex arms), which makes it functional in a variety of seasons and temperatures. The square neckline (which you can’t really see in this photo) sets it apart from the crowd. You can dress it up with the Wolff Jardigan or dress it down with a pair of flats. This is the very first MM piece I ever bought and was sent to me in an MM bento box. I have worn it at least a couple of times a month (if not more) and have owned it for over a year and it still looks brand new. I originally purchased it for an interview, but have worn it in every situation – from meetings with executives to casual Fridays.

The downside? Just the normal downside of it not being completely wrinkle free after hang-drying (although this one does tend to come close).

MM.LaFleur Woolf Jardigan

As for the Woolf jardigan…nope, that’s not a typo, a jardigan is a real thing at MM. They advertise it as a blend between the softness of a cardigan and the sharpness of a jacket. All of the jardigans at MM deserve a special homage, but the Woolf jardigan is my favorite because of the weight and the structured shoulder. It even has removable shoulder pads.

The downside? It’s dry clean only and I do mean dry clean only, don’t even bother trying to run this through the wash on gentle. I also don’t find it to be as wrinkle resistant as MM advertises. At $195 would I buy it again? No. Do I regret buying this one? Nope.


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This post was inspired by today’s daily prompt: Homage

6 Replies to “Review of MM.LaFleur – A Clothing Brand that Pays Homage to the Female Power Professional”

  1. Hi Robin I enjoyed your review and great photos! I may be off the mark here and PLEASE excuse me if I am but with your petite figure you could wear and review clothes from any number of outlets at a more budget conscious price. I just checked out ladies fashions at Macy’a here…
    and thought you would look great in all these clothes and the price would do wonders for your budget. I would like to challenge you to dress for less!

    1. Thanks for your comment! I used to shop at Macy’s all the time but found that most of their petite brands either weren’t quite my style or didn’t fit me perfectly so I would need to spend extra money getting them hemmed, anyway. I like shopping from just one brand because I don’t get overwhelmed with decision fatigue and everything is pretty much guaranteed to go with everything else. When I did shop there, I usually ended up buying Tahari, which isn’t much cheaper than MM and didn’t look as good on me. Perhaps I’m just stuck in my ways though. It’s been years since I shopped at Macy’s and I’ll be sure to give them another look!

      1. Hi Robin, thanks for replying. It’s a good feeling when you find a brand that looks and feels good and ticks all the boxes! If you do find Macy’s or Tahari have improved, let me know. I’d love to hear if it’s to your advantage. Best of luck with your budgeting and blogging!

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