Review of Babbo Pizzeria and Enoteca, Boston, MA

Babbo is Mario Batali’s pizzeria and enoteca located at 11 Fan Pier Boulevard, Boston, MA 02210 near the waterfront in Boston’s Innovation District. According to their website, there are a lot of reasons to eat at Babbo, from the authentic Italian pizza to the restaurant’s commitment to sustainability. There is a small patio for outdoor dining and the interior of the large restaurant is filled with lustrous dark wooden hues that are brightened by the sun streaming in through the windows.

Before we get started, you should know that this is my unsolicited opinion and I was in no way compensated for writing this review.

Ranking for Babbo Pizzeria and Enoteca

Quality ingredients 8
Cleanliness 10
Friendliness of staff 7
Speed of service 2
Bathrooms 8
Gluten free: Selection + safety 3
Worth every penny? 4
Total score 42 out of 70
Kid friendly? No
Changing table in women’s room? Unknown
Changing table in men’s room? Unknown

What’s Yummy at Babbo Pizzeria and Enoteca

We went to Babbo for a work lunch and my boss ordered the sweet corn mezzalune. She polished off the entire dish and made foodgasm noises while doing it.


Our vegan co-worker was thrilled to find that the marinara pizza is vegan. She also raved about how delicious the dish was.


What’s Not Yummy at Babbo

Unfortunately, I can’t comment on the deliciousness of either of the above dishes because neither of them are gluten free. In fact, the only gluten free item on Babbo’s menu is pasta. As such, I ordered the spaghetti carbonara. Babbo only has gluten free penne, so it ended up being the dish really ended up being penne carbonara. The plus side is that the gluten free pasta is corn-based, not rice-based. The down side is that it was undercooked and the pancetta didn’t add enough flavor to make up for it. I would not order this dish again.


How’s the Service at Babbo?

Oh. My. Gosh. The service was so slow. Our waitress left us in a lurch. We asked for her 3 times and she never came. We got up and poured our own water – twice. Finally, a manager walked by and we grabbed his attention. After that, things went more smoothly.

What if you’re gluten free?

I hope you like pasta because that’s the only gluten free item on the menu. At least I didn’t get sick.

How about the bathrooms?

Like most venues, the bathrooms aren’t as nice as the rest of the restaurant. But, they are very clean and very functional, and not at all claustrophobic, and that’s what counts.


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This post was inspired by today’s daily prompt: Lurch

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