WARNING: Budget at Your Own Risk

Here’s the thing about a debt detox — It becomes a little addictive. You stop spending money willy-nilly and start competing with yourself to see how much less you can spend each week and how much more money you can put towards your debt each month. So, I warn you, budget at your own risk. According to statistics that I just made up, 1 in 6 adults who start a debt detox become addicted to budgeting. Side effects from budgeting may include: weight loss due to decreased snackage, feelings of grandeur as your debt decreases, and a heightened level of creativity as you search for ways to do things for free that you used to pay for.

As promised, I’m reporting bi-weekly on the highs and lows of my debt detox. Many of you who read my first post asked that I also report on how I replaced dry cleaning since that was on my Wants list instead of my Needs list. I tried to work that into this post, but still have some additional testing to do. Please stay tuned for the next post at the end of August, which will attempt to answer all of your dry cleaning questions.

Debt Detox: Highs

Week 1

  1. Made a Needs vs. Wants list and figured out how much I actually owe.
  2. Returned $1,556.12 of items that still had the tags on them and were within the return window.
  3. Created a new email address so that I won’t be tempted by any promotional emails from stores I’ve shopped at in the past. Updated all of my bank accounts, blog accounts, etc. with the new email address and gave it to friends and family, but did not update it on any retail accounts.
  4. Chose to do free activities with my kiddo — thank goodness for playgrounds and nice summer weather!

Week 2

  1. Noticed that the parking garage at work charged me the $435 monthly fee even though I canceled my parking pass. The person who answered when I called was unhelpful and said they couldn’t refund my money, so I went there in person and stood outside the door until the manager showed up. I got my refund.
  2. Canceled cable, which will save us $58.19 per month and we won’t be tempted by advertisements as frequently since we’ll be watching less TV.
  3. Canceled our Amazon Prime membership, which will end October 2017 and save us $99 annually.
  4. Canceled our ABC Mouse subscription, effective immediately, which will save us $120 annually.
  5. Resisted a super sale at one of my favorite stores.

Debt Detox: Lows

Week 1

  1. Could have returned a few more items that still have the tags on them and are within the return window.
  2. Let my hormones rule my wallet — Purchased and ate $14.32 worth of chocolate in one sitting.
  3. Spent $36.49 eating out at one of my favorite restaurants, Gather, when I forgot to bring my lunch to work.

Week 2

  1. Purchased a pair of Rothy’s shoes.

Stay tuned for more bi-weekly updates on the progress of my 3-month debt detox!


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This post was inspired by today’s daily prompt: Willy-nilly

2 Replies to “WARNING: Budget at Your Own Risk”

  1. It’s worth it in the end when you see all those numbers in your savings account, when you can dream of a holiday and know it won’t require a credit card, when you get to an important moment in your life and can celebrate by going to the best eatery in town … money is meant to help us enjoy life, not tie us down with ‘stuff’ that makes mega-corps CEO’s richer than [you-know-who].

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