How to End an Interview and Land the Job

The end of the interview is a great chance to make a lasting impression by asking insightful questions that take the interviewer by surprise and that other candidates have not asked.

You should always go into an interview with an organized arsenal of questions. That way you are guaranteed to have something to ask during the conversation or at the end of it. Print out the below list, bring it with you, and pick 3-5 questions to ask, depending on how the conversation has gone. There is no shame in not having the questions memorized. As a recruiter, I have been collecting the best questions that candidates have asked me questions over the last several years and am sharing them with you here.

  • I’m even more excited about this opportunity than I was when I applied. Is there anything that I’ve said, or haven’t said, that makes you think I am not a great fit for the role? (Note: This question should be asked with confidence, not trepidation. This is always the last question that you should ask in an interview. Always. To every interviewer. If there has been any miscommunication about what awesome talent you are, or what value you can add to the organization, this is your chance to put that confusion to rest).
  • What is one thing that’s key to being successful in this company that somebody from outside the company wouldn’t know?
  • How would you describe the company culture, and if you could change one thing about the culture what would it be?
  • Who are the heroes in this company and what characteristics do they have in common with one another?
  • What are the characteristics of people you have hired in the past, but who have burned out, failed, or left?
  • What is my future boss’ leadership style?
  • How is success measured in this role? What is the performance review policy and how do I make the most of it to ensure that I am doing the best I can for the company?
  • What is the rhythm of work here? Is it consistent, or are there periods during the year where there are crunch times and we’re pulling all-nighters?
  • Which competitor are you most concerned about?
  • How does this role help achieve the strategic goals of the company?
  • What do you see ahead for the company in the next five years?
  • What do you enjoy most about working here?
  • What are the most attractive and least attractive parts of this job?
  • What are the key accomplishments you would like to see in this role over the next year?

Have you used any of these questions in an interview? Feel free to brag about it in the comments section!


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This post was inspired by today’s daily prompt: Organize

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