Review of Rothy’s Ballet and Pointed Toe Flats – The Shoe That Will Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Much like the Minaal Daily Backpack, I purchased my first pair of Rothy’s flats as a result of wine + Facebook targeted advertising. Why? Because I am a marketer’s wet dream. That’s why. Also, I had been looking for something to replace my Tieks, which had started falling apart after only a year of ambling about in them. For $175, I expected more from my Tieks.

Rothy’s seemed to deliver where Tieks fell short. Tieks are made of leather, which is not so good if you get caught in the rain. Rothy’s are made from recycled water bottles. Plastic holds up just fine if you get caught in the rain. It should also hold up just fine if your toddler vigorously rubs sand into your shoes and you need to throw them in the washing machine. You can even wear Rothy’s if you have wide feet, bunions, or need to use orthotics.

Before we get started, you should know that this is my unsolicited opinion and I was in no way compensated for writing this review. However, if you’re interested in purchasing a pair of Rothy’s, you can get $20 off your purchase by using this referral link, and I’ll get a coupon code for $20 off of my next pair of Rothy’s, too!

Ranking for Rothy’s Ballet and Pointed Toe Flats

Style 9
Comfort 8
Durability 10
Consistent sizing across colors and styles 7
Responsive customer service 10
Total score 44 out of 50

My Experience with Rothy’s Ballet and Pointed Toe Flats


The first pair of Rothy’s I bought were the green camouflage ballet flats. They were purchased 7 months ago. It took my feet a couple of days to adjust to the feeling of the plastic. It’s not an uncomfortable feeling, just an unfamiliar one that requires some getting used to. I also had to use of pads that you stick on the inside of the heels to prevent blisters, but after a couple of weeks, I was able to remove that and wear them without fear of blistering. I was also pleasantly surprised that they never rubbed or irritated my old-lady bunion.

For a couple of months, the jury was still out on whether or not they were worth a three figure price tag. Then, I wore them on a business trip to NC. For the purposes of this post, we’ll skip the lecture about how camouflage anything is not business appropriate unless you’re on the set of Duck Dynasty. The point is, I wore them comfortably walking all over the airport. My feet always swell pretty dramatically on airplanes and I still found them to be quite comfortable when the plane landed, although they were a bit snug. What sealed the deal for me was the dinner that night. An unexpected downpour rolled in right after we sat down and continued the entire time we were eating. By the time we were done, the parking lot was a giant, 2-inch deep puddle. The next day, my colleagues were all grumbling about how their leather or suede flats were ruined and now they needed to buy a new pair. Some of them even had to go buy a new pair that day because they had only brought one pair of shoes. My Rothy’s were just fine. I just removed the insole overnight to let it dry and was good to go.

These shoes will survive anything, including the zombie apocalypse. They have been dropped, stepped on, muddied, stuffed in bags, run over by a baby carriage, to the zoo, to the sandbox, in a flash-flood, and on an impromptu hike. And they still look brand-spanking-new. Boom. There’s your ROI.

This is a picture of the black flats prior to being washed. See the picture below for how they look after being washed.

The second pair I bought were the pointed toe black flats. My fear when they arrived was that the toe would eventually curl and look more like an elf shoe than a classic pointed flat, but I have walked miles in these shoes and that has not happened. And I literally mean miles — not just around the office, but all over the concrete jungle. One hot day in June I even did the 4-mile walk to and from my doctor’s office in them. I also had to put the heel pads in these when they first arrived but was able to remove them after a few weeks and now I never worry about getting a blister or a rubbed heel in these shoes.


The third pair I purchased were the Plum Birdseye ballet flats. Unlike the camo and black flats, no heel pad was needed in this pair. The fit was amazing right out of the box and they have never given me a single blister.

Washing Rothy’s Ballet and Pointed Toe Flats

Rothy’s shoes and insoles are machine washable!

That’s right. For all you stinky footed women out there, Rothy’s are machine washable! Boom! More ROI. I cannot tell you how many perfectly good pairs of shoes I have had to throw out because they couldn’t be de-stenched. Most of them were so bad that I couldn;t even donate them.

Just throw these babies in the washing machine, pour in some detergent, set it to gentle, and let the magic happen. Be careful before you run your next load of laundry, though. Some of the blue dye from the stitching on the insoles might be left in your washer. I always do a quick wipe with a paper towel and then run a rinse cycle before washing anything else.

Some blue water left after washing my Rothy’s.

Then set them out to dry overnight and you’ll be good to go with fresh smelling and brand new looking shoes in the morning!

Rothy’s on a drying rack.
Here’s what they look like after being washed and drying over night.

It’s not all good, though…

I am clearly smitten with my Rothy’s, but it’s not all good. The toe area has a thin white piece of fabric on the inside and it can start to separate from the shoe with excessive wear. This started to happen to the Plum Birdseye pair, so I emailed customer service hoping they would send me a new pair. They didn’t, but they did respond to my email inquiry in less than 5 hours on a Saturday, which I found reasonable. Their response was as follows: Hi Robin, You can actually fix this using a hot iron! Simply hold the tip of the iron to the microfiber until it re-attaches to the shoe! I haven’t tried this yet because I have no idea where my iron is, but I’ll update this post as soon as I do to let you know if it works or not!

They may also leave a stain on your foot if you get caught in the rain, as seen below.

My heel, stained a dark color, after getting caught in the rain in my Rothy’s. If this is the biggest problem with the shoes, we’re doing OK!


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7 Replies to “Review of Rothy’s Ballet and Pointed Toe Flats – The Shoe That Will Survive the Zombie Apocalypse”

  1. I love my Rothy’s! My first pair ended up being a half size too big and customer service was speedy to respond, generate a return shipping label and help me purchase the correct size to ship out the same day! I am officially hooked and just purchased my second pair-orchid points-and they fit perfectly right out of the box.

  2. Thanks for the review! I’ve been sucked in through FB also. I have bunions and am wondering how you addressed sizing. Did you go up 1/2 size? Do you think the round toe would work better than point? Point is cuter to me. Thank you also for the coupon!

    1. Hi Anne!

      Thanks for reading and commenting. I also have bunions but did not buy a half size up. The beauty of these shoes is that the material molds to the shape of your foot. I did feel a bit of rubbing on the bunions for the first few days in the camouflage pair, but never to the extent that I needed a band-aid and after a few days they fit perfectly. I did not experience rubbing on the bunions with the other 2 pairs, including the pointed to pair. I think you’ll be fine in the pointed toe, they are super cute and I actually think they might work better for bunions than the round toe because your big toe will naturally follow the diagonal line of the pointed toe shape. Does that make sense?

      And, you’re welcome for the coupon! 🙂

      Happy walking!


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