The Fine Line Between Standing Out and Being Creepy

There are tons of tips to help you stand out and beat your competition. For starters, you can ask the interviewer insightful questions that no other candidates have asked or think on your feet to answer tricky interview questions better than other interviewees. But keep in mind that there is a fine line between standing out and being creepy (or completely inappropriate).

Interviewing: The fine line between standing out and being creepy

For example, you could follow up after your interview by sending an astonishingly well-written thank you email. Now you stand out. Or you could follow up by sending each interviewer a handmade thank you card with the interviewer’s face on the front of the card. Now you’re creepy – no matter how well written your thank you note is. (Yes, this actually happened once!)

More creepy and inappropriate things that candidates have actually done…

  • Hugged instead of shaking hands
  • Shown up in person and uninvited to follow up on the status of their candidacy
  • Sent a hand-written thank you note to the recruiter’s home address. Thank you notes are great, but please send them to the office!

Think before you act. Always make sure that your actions are appropriate for the situation and act professionally no matter how casual the interviewer seems.


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This post was inspired by today’s daily prompt: Casual

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